Playing Blackjack Like a Professional

One of the well known games in a casino which involves strategy and luck is the game of blackjack. The key on this game is to have cards that will come close or have the same value which is 21, without exceeding the said value and where in one's cards is greater than the cards of the dealer.

One thing that is good about the game of blackjack is that this game does not require a dealer to have strategies or make decisions on this game. The dealer just needs to deal the cards and of course follow the rules of the blackjack game.

The cards values are the same with other card games in casino as well. In blackjack, the ace has the value of 11 or 1, the other numbers represent the numbers or its face value while the king, jack and queen and 10 have the value which is 10.

If a player has an ace on hand, this is actually called a soft total where in a player could draw for another card again without worrying of going busted neither exceeding the value of 21 on hand.

Both the player and as well as the dealer will have 2 cards each but the dealer will have the first card that he'll receive facing up.

The player has more choices compared to the dealer wherein one player could draw or hit for as many cards as he wants until he attains the value which is 21 or lesser than that.

The blackjack player should have a hand that has a value of at least 17 to be safe because if one will still draw after having this value on hand, there is a big possibility that the said player will be busted.

The main objective on the game of blackjack is to carefully observe and focus on the game as well as strategize. A good example is that if you receive cards such as an eight and a queen. The best thing to do is to make a stand rather than make a hit for another card since the probability of drawing for a 3 is not that high.

If ever that you will be dealt a pair lets say for example a pair of 10, it would be recommendable that you split your hand wherein there is a chance for you to increase your winnings and you can even make 2 blackjack at the same time.

This article shows that blackjack is indeed a game of skills, chance and as well as strategy.


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