Casual Card Counting in Blackjack

Traditional card counting in blackjack may blow the brains out, with all that memorizing and other mathematical processes. But card counting can get a blackjack player ahead in tremendous ways. So what's the option? How about casual card counting?

Traditional card counting in blackjack has to do with keeping a sharp eye on the cards dealt with, the cards still in the deck, the cards possibly in the hands of other players, and those which the dealer holds. It's close to being paranoid with cards. But the importance of card counting in blackjack cannot be overemphasized.

It is a vital tool in making a hit, split, stand, or double down in blackjack sessions. Positive thinking in blackjack is not just hoping to always win. It is sustained and made even stronger through anticipation with a basis. Being able to count cards provide a strong basis for anticipating a win at blackjack.

Casual card counting in blackjack is focused only on two things: face cards and aces. We don't pay much attention on what the dealer's hand is or what other players' cards are. We simply watch the blackjack cards that go out from the deck, and this is further narrowed down by watching only the aces and face cards that go out from the deck in blackjack games.

After a few blackjack sessions it will be noticeable if a lot of face cards and aces have been dealt out so far. If so, then chances are, low cards are in the deck. It will be a time of going easy on the hits and double downs. In blackjack, low cards still in the deck mostly favor the dealer. The less chances the blackjack dealer gets a bust the safer his hand is, and the safer he can take hits.

But when more low cards have been out from the deck and the likelihood of more aces and face cards are still in the deck, the better the chances of a player to hit and double down in blackjack. With more aces and face cards in the deck, and the hand is of low cards, the player has more chance of getting high cards and less chance of a bust in blackjack.

Casual card counting can easily estimate if more aces and face cards are still in deck by just noting what cards have been out of deck so far. Casual card counting is feasible.