Beginner's Guide to Joining a Game of Blackjack

If it is your first time to try blackjack in a brick and mortar casino then you should read on. The very first pointer you will get is that you don't just sit down at any blackjack table and start playing. You should know how to choose the right table, buy your chips, and then you make your bets. You should know how to do all that when you join a game of blackjack.

Not all the blackjack tables you see in a casino will be the same. Some tables will have different table minimums and some tables will have different rules, which actually depends on the casino you're in. The first detail you should be looking for is the table minimum. Other than the word "blackjack" printed on the table felt there will also be a sign showing the betting limits. The minimum should fit the size of your current bankroll.

You size up the table minimum against the size of your bankroll and see how many hands you can play. The more hands you can play in a particular table the better it will be for you so you can gain some experience and enjoy the game longer. You can try the blackjack tables with larger betting limits later after some practice, which also depends on the size of your bankroll.

Another thing you might like to figure out is the number of decks used for that blackjack table. You will most likely find tables with six to eight decks in a shoe. It is quite okay to try one of these but as you gain more experience you should try blackjack tables that have fewer decks in a shoe. One little note is that six to eight deck games are hands free games having cards dealt face up. Don't touch the cards when you sit at tables such as these.

Once seated at a blackjack table of your choice, you should buy in. This process is simple and you shouldn't worry about it once you are seated. You should check the casino house rules beforehand by reading one of the brochures handed out at the place. Some casinos will allow buying chips after a shuffle of the deck some won't. You should only buy in after a hand is finished, which is usually after the dealer pays winners. All you have to do is place your money on the felt and the dealer will replace them with chips. Never hand your cash to the blackjack dealer since it is inappropriate.

Joining the action in a blackjack table is simple. Choosing the right table to play on can become tricky. You should also know the right time to buy in and join the game.